You have various options for divorce in California.

Whether you decide to litigate in court, hire a mediator, or choose a collaborative approach, we can help you determine the best course of action with regard to your real estate holdings.





Used in cases where the parties cannot work together to resolve their issues either on their own or with a neutral mediator, or where there is a power imbalance or history of abuse. This is the least private of the processes as generally all pleadings are public records. Litigation is usually the most expensive option, but again, it may be the necessary option given the couple’s circumstances.

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The parties are willing to work together with one neutral expert. All documents prepared for mediation, and all matters discussed in the mediation, are confidential. The only public document is the final judgment. This option is usually the least expensive.

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Collaborative Divorce

Cases where the parties have the desire to work together to reach a resolution without litigation, but still feel that they each need their own attorney representing them. Documents prepared for collaborative negotiations, as well as all matters discussed in the sessions and negotiations are confidential. The final judgment is a public document. Sometimes the upfront cost is more layered, as more professionals are part of the process, but overall collaborative is designed to be cost and time effective.



Put negotiations and decisions directly in the hands of you and your spouse. Collaborative Practice involves a team of specially trained, neutral support professionals.


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Financial neutrals

Professionals on standby to help with tax considerations, financial projects, financial and child support calculations.

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Child specialists

Advocates for kids' best interests, to help the parents develop a mutually acceptable parenting plan.

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Mental health professionals

In this whirlwind of emotions, there is help available to navigate emotional currents and create a new season of your life.
Couples work with Family Law attorneys, divorce coaches, child specialists, financial experts and a qualified real estate professional, all of whom maintain focus on the needs of the children and welfare of the family.
Collaborative process typically includes a series of meetings where the parties and professionals meet to discuss the issues, make any needed interim arrangements, exchange and clarify information, and brainstorm possible divorce options that resolve conflicts. Negotiations are based on finding options that best serve the needs of the entire family and create the possibility for a positive continuing relationship.
As Certified Divorce Real Estate Specialists®, trained to be an integral part of your collaborative team, we are consultants dedicated to offering real estate solutions and alternatives that may help ease financial burdens and support the family structure.

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